How To Use Passion to Drive Your Success

My consulting helps clients enhance customer acquisition and retention. A key trait in the best performing clients is that their people have passion that drives their success. They tell me, “I love what I do!” That passion that gets them up every morning is visible...


3 Steps to Practical, Actionable, Problem Solving

Bringing people together to solve problems is what the best salespeople do well. Selling is about solving problems in ways that convince people to engage effort and resources they might not have done without your influence—including buying your product or service. Here are the three steps to practical,...


This is the Habit Your Customers Hate

Too many salespeople have a habit that I call over-pitching and under-relating. I’ve seen such behavior first hand and I can tell you the outcome: the customer runs as fast as he or she can to get away from such people....


3 Activities to Exploit the Summer Slowdown and Boost Value

Many industries have a notable summer slowdown....


5 Fundamentals That Will Forever Shift Your Thoughts on Rejection

If you’re in sales (or in any business) you’re going to face rejection. A lot....

Winning Lifelong Customers with The Five Abilities