Reflecting On Losing My Father At 10 Years Old

I had a great discussion with Jenny Lisk, reflecting the lose of my father at 10 years old.

I was lucky enough to have family and teachers that took me under their wing and put me on my journey towards becoming a successful corporate executive. entrepreneur, and an accomplished musician as well.

Topics included are:

  • Going from a straight A student to barely passing after his dad died;
  • Shifting from being a middle or upper-middle class family to relying on food stamps after his dad died, and his sense that they might have been homeless if family hadn’t stepped in to help;
  • Hearing from all his relatives and family friends on the day his dad died that he now needed to be the “man of the house;”
  • Finding out many years later details about his dad’s death that his family didn’t want to share when he was younger;
  • Trying to look at examples around him to figure out how to be a man;
  • Looking back now and realizing that he was probably depressed in the years after his dad died;
  • What it was like to approach age 50 himself, which is the age his dad died; and
  • Why giving back is so important to him now as an adult.

You can listen to the full podcast episode with Jenny Lisk here on


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