The Five Abilities® Action Assessment

Sales people and teams, as with many business disciplines, have demands on their time that exceed the time they have. As with any discipline it’s helpful to have a way to prioritize your actions and within sales, your time has to be focused on moving forward in each of The Five Abilities® thus always moving you closer to the win.

The Five Abilities® Action Assessment is something you’ll create to determine your strengths and weaknesses, within the five reasons why people buy from you. With this clarity you’ll be able to smartly choose where to focus your actions. You can decide to amplify your strengths and/or shore up your weaknesses but it will be clear which areas need attention.

You would first do an assessment at a market level to see where you stand in the context of The Five Abilities® against your competition. Following that, you’ll be able to do the assessment at an individual customer/client level to help your people focus deal specific actions to win the sale. Doing both allows you to see if you have a systemic issue or if it’s purely individual sales execution challenges.

For instance, if the company has a reputation of troubled deployments, CAPABILITY will be a limitation that has to be addressed systemically and individually. I’ve also seen companies with strong brands but have a sales force with VISABILITY challenges which implies a field execution issue.

The assessment matrices are quickly customized for your company’s situation so that you can apply it specifically to your sales opportunities and the actions needed to win.

TFA Action Assessment (Market)

Used at the market level, you can also better target actions in areas such as social media, demand generation and prospecting.

TFA Action Assessment (Customer-Client)

Used at a customer level you can better plan the actions you’ll take today to amplify your strengths in a way that minimizes your weaknesses.

An efficient sales force is an effective sales force. Determining your Ideal Customer/Client Profile (ICP) coupled with The Five Abilities® Action Assessment at both the company and individual levels, allows your valuable sales resource to focus on the prospects and ABILITIES that have the highest probability of generating wins.

Becoming efficient is a key result from executing on The Five Abilities® sales methodology. We look forward to helping you enhance your sales efficiencies.

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