The best salespeople don’t just win more revenue, they win lifelong customers. A win is never a single event but instead years of repeat business – repeat business that continues even when the customer moves to new roles and new companies. The Five Abilities® framework helps salespeople focus their actions on the five characteristics that customers look for when deciding from whom they buy. The result comes in winning lifelong customers, lifelong advocates and lifelong revenue.

The Five Abilities for winning lifelong customers are:


Being seen in the right way, by the right people, at the right time


Showing superior knowledge about your industry and that of your customer’s


Ensuring you’re pursuing business that fits the needs and abilities of both buyer and seller


Delivering on the personal reasons people make business decisions


Being accountable when the unexpected happens – it always will

Rick Wong 2015

Rick Wong is the creator of The Five Abilities® sales methodology and is the CEO/Founder of The Five Abilities LLC. Rick has spent 35 years growing revenue for Fortune 100 companies as well as his own entrepreneurial pursuits. As a successful salesperson, sales manager, sales executive and marketer, Rick learned from his own experiences and by observing incredibly successful salespeople that he’s been blessed to work with throughout his career.

The Five Abilities is quickly learned and implemented. By answering five simple questions you will be able to choose the right strategies which leads to the right actions that you will start immediately.

  • Are decision-makers and influencers proactively asking to meet with you?
  • Are decision-makers and influencers asking you for advice beyond what your products/services deliver?
  • Are discussions with customers/clients primarily focused on results and not on price?
  • Have decision-makers and influencers shared their personal reasons for making business decisions and can you address them?
  • Have decision-makers and influencers stopped asking, “What happens if something goes wrong?”

When you can answer yes to each of these questions you are on your way to winning the business you’re pursuing. If you answer no to one or more questions, you haven’t done all you can to win. The good news is you know where to target your efforts and The Five Abilities helps you quickly identify your best next actions to turn each no into a yes.

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Winning Lifelong Customers with The Five Abilities