There are five qualities customers look for, in sellers, when choosing from whom they buy. I reverse engineered sales wins—those in which I took part and those I observed—and found these five qualities that are habits for the best sellers. Habits that lead to more wins and more lifelong customers. I call these habits The Five Abilities®.

New and repeat business is a focus for all of us. My book Winning Lifelong Customers with The Five Abilities®, is based on this simple framework. We help you make habit of sales actions that lead to more new business and delighted customers that turn into repeat business.

The Five Abilities® is learned by doing rather than discussing. Whether I’m doing a workshop or consulting, you’ll advance real opportunities while learning to make habit of The Five Abilities®. Your people will make habit of the five reasons customers buy and The Five Abilities® will advance a culture of lasting, positive, customer relationships. Winning lifelong customers will be a habit.

Winning Lifelong Customers with The Five Abilities