In cases where Rick Wong’s executive and management experience is relevant to the client’s needs, he offers advisory services that are specifically focused on addressing problems associated with revenue generation. As clients begin implementing The Five Abilities® there are often broader leadership decisions that must be made. Do you have the right organizational structure to win more business and more lifelong customers? Is the value of our offerings easily communicated in 30 seconds or less? Do we have the right people in the right place?

Are all customer-facing employees practicing a culture of winning lifelong customers? Are all customer-facing employees empowered to practice a culture of winning lifelong customers? Rick’s experience has benefitted many client executives with these and many other important questions facing business leaders.

Some clients decide to do weekly “Office Hours” with Rick to help them more quickly make habit of The Five Abilities® sales framework. These calls, conducted with the sales manager, a salesperson or team, focus on applying The Five Abilities to real sales opportunities. The main goal is to engrain The Five Abilities as a habit as we identify immediate best next actions for the sales team to act on now.

Winning Lifelong Customers with The Five Abilities