Successful salespeople learn more by action

Business people, in general, learn more by their actions than they do in a classroom. This is particularly true of successful salespeople who learn most when they’re in front of customers or engaged in solving problems that eventually win the sale.

Applying this reality, the workshop is customized to align with the client’s unique requirements, and it’s conducted in a single day with about 25% of the time spent learning The Five Abilities® framework. The remaining 75% of the time is dedicated to applying The Five Abilities to current sales situations that attendees are encountering with real customer opportunities. By the end of the workshop attendees will have identified immediate best next actions that will help them accelerate the close of business that is in their funnel today.

The customization requires that Rick have time with key individuals who are able to share the unique nature of their business. This is usually done by phone but it can require a site visit to observe sales and customer service norms that are otherwise difficult to explain.

Following the workshop Rick will do check-ins, by phone, with each workshop attendee and their manager, to answer any questions related to The Five Abilities and to ensure that the framework is being uniformly deployed across the client organization. This often extends beyond salespeople to marketing and support disciplines. The goal is to employ The Five Abilities with everyone who engages with customers so that winning lifelong customers becomes a habit across the company.

Typical Workflow

Pre-workshop discovery

Rick Wong learns unique characteristics of the client’s business. This is done via the sharing of documentation regarding mission, goals, strategies, and tactics. This along with discussions with client representatives. All appropriate NDA documents will be signed. This information allows Rick to customize the workshop content to specifically apply to the client’s most pressing sales challenges.

Time Requirement: 1 day equivalent – could potentially be spread across multiple days but 8 hours of work is the norm.


Rick Wong conducts on sight workshop for up to 16 attendees. More than 16 attendees makes it likely that workshops will not be done in a day. This reduces the value received by salespeople and people from other customer engagement disciplines.

Time Requirement: 1 day – Typical workshop starts at 9:00am and ends at 6:00pm with an hour off for lunch.

Post-Workshop Follow-up

Rick Wong does a 30-minute check-in with each attendee and their manager, typically by phone. The purpose is to address questions that surface after workshop attendees use The Five Abilities for more than 30 days. This can be done in person if the scheduling works with the client and Rick.

Time Requirement: No more than 2 days. Duration is determined by number of workshop attendees.

Winning Lifelong Customers with The Five Abilities